There's this really stupid thing in my assessment centre training book, called hidden sentences: You have a sentence where a number of extra words are strewn in to disguise the real meaning and you have to find out which words are needed to make the complete sentence. One clue is given for the correct sentence: A number in brackets indicates how many words the correct sentence needs to have.

I'll give you an example and then the sentences I had to do, to see if any of you can do this better and if it's a language barrier or if I'm just really dumb. ;) If you feel like it, please comment to this post with your ideas, this one's really getting on my nerves!

EXAMPLE: with because the advent of new television ratings created a exciting revolution in leisure days patterns of hobbies (10)

The correct sentence is: The advent of television created a revolution in leisure patterns.

Here's your sentences )

I'll post the correct sentences later, have fun! And if you are very much better than me I'll be very depressed...*g*


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