Sometimes f_w et al. isn't only for wank at all. In a post about a weird, nerdy Star Trek-ked up flat someone is selling I found links to these:

Wil Wheaton's blog and

Wil Wheaton recapping TNG episodes

Trip down Memory Lane, I used to ♥ Wesley Crusher a lot...

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*lol* I remember how much you liked him. Do you really think it's Wil Wheaton and not some joke? But then, he's not famous enough to do such things I guess.

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It really is him, he's been posting online for ages and has also confirmed that in person several times. For once, it's not a hoax. :)

And yes, true, we two were in the whole TNG thing together! Man, good times...;)

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Yeah really. Even though I was more interested in Tasha Yar than in Wesley! Did you know that by then? I don't think so... When I was in Italy, I saw complete season 2 on DVD. With Dr. Pulaski. Do you remember how we used to hate her? Now I think she's way cooler than old Beverly ever could be!

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Ah ... he was this very handsome young guy from Enterprise (or stuff like that), right? I do remember him ...

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Yes, that was him! He was cute then, and he's still cute now. ;) I love my geeks...

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There's a syndicated feed of his blog [ profile] wilwheaton I've been reading it a couple of years now through my flist and spookily his last post is the one before yours ;) He posts some interesting stuff.

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Oooh, thanks, I'll hop over there right now! And how nice, being in such close proximity with him...actually, I've seen him at a con in Pasadena in 2002. I was a total con virgin then and so shy and didn't dare to talk to him. I just went up and asked if I might take a pic...too bad, really...*sigh* I'll have to dig up that pic, methinks...


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