- Thank you, my lovelies, who are sending me goodies.

- I will be home over the weekend, that means emails to be written then, and no need to send DW...;)

- I love you all. ♥

- That's all.

From: [identity profile] claudee.livejournal.com

She's alive, she's alive :-)

Good to hear from you. And just take your time to answer the e-mails :-)

From: [identity profile] lea-ysaye.livejournal.com

Yeah, she is. Barely. ;)

I promise, I'll get to emails soon...

From: [identity profile] maggi137.livejournal.com

Glad to hear from you again. Got the message *gg*. Hope to talk to you soon.

From: [identity profile] lea-ysaye.livejournal.com

Yes, we'll talk properly next weekend, can't wait! And omg, Utopia?! Wasn't that awesome beyond words?! Still dead, over here... David just is sex on legs! The way he smiled at Jack through the glass, Oh.My.Gosh!!!

From: [identity profile] maggi137.livejournal.com

I am so looking forward to it. I really missed it :).

OMG Utopia was really ace. I've just finished re-watching it, because I.. well.. wasn't quite myself last night. I really enjoyed this episode and I actually squeed a couple of times *lol*. Oh yeah. David's really sex on legs followed by the two John's.. How should I survive the next two weeks *drools* ?

From: [identity profile] lunicko.livejournal.com

Oh, you'll be here and I'll be gone! It's Markus' birthday tomorrow (no, you don't need to call him ;-) ) and we're going to the Netherlands! And tonight I'm babysitting! What a pity :-(((((

From: [identity profile] lea-ysaye.livejournal.com

Bad Tinchen! :( Maybe next weekend, then? Saturday?

Hope you had fun in Holland!