I am not rising to their bait, though. Especially if they don't even have the decency to sign their name to comments. And yes, this is a public entry, because if anyone feels like wanking, they are welcome to do it here, and not air dirty laundry in a community. Pah!

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Oh, just someone on the Tennant community making judgement about me, David and fangirls all in one go. I don't feel like playing with them, with people like that you just never win anyways...

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I just had a look...I don't know why people go on about things like these. Most people, and you sure are one of them, know there is no guarantee that an actor will come out the stagedoor to sign, and most people certainly know they are not entitled to anything. Like you said, it was his choice and people would not have loved him less if he hadn't come out - after all yes he had given everything and he was tired, and he could perfectly well have decided to stay inside and sip champagne with Gordon, and no one would have had a problem with that. I think he did exactly the right thing - come out to acknowledge that people were waiting because at the end of the day it's the fans that pay for him, but not stay for endless time to try and make everyone happy and wear himself out.

You're right not to react - if the person does not even have the guts to post under their name they don't deserve a conversation. Most probably someone who can't go themselves and is jealous.

Ah, fangirls...

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I am especially amused that *I* am the one who jumped down their throats, apparently. Really, some people are just out to spoil the fun for others. *sigh* And I am sure you are right, I bet they are jealous. And they are cowards, too.

But, overall, people were squeeful about my picture. And I am fine with them having these conflicting feelings of wishing to be there and feeling uneasy about the whole thing, as I frequently do myself. But really, those ten minutes he was outside will hardly have exhausted him. And as you say, most people wouldn't think ill of him if he didn't do it. It's more a custom, to go and sign at stage doors, than an obligation, and most actors don't mind to do it. It's usually some idiots who think they know them better than they know themselves. Oh, the humanity...;)

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Idiots - that's all I have to say. Had a look - nothing it is worth to worry about at all. It's the same "oh my god you were a stalking stupid fangirl just because you exist. you live on the same planet, leave him alone OMG1111elf!"


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Yep, jealousy. And the "better-than-thou" attitude I was referring to a few days back...

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I am watching season of sr Who now (yes kenny finally convinced me to give into temptation).
But I stay far away from that fandom, and I see it's for a good reason.

Silly people

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It's as silly as any fandom, but yes, I mostly stay away as well, there are just too many people in it. But I did want to share the photo, because there aren't many around yet, and I knew most people would like to see it.

And yay for you watching Who. I hope you are liking it?

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I am loving dr Who, just not to keen when Martha was assistant in season 3 in certain episodes(although she is way better in season 4). And I still think the 9th doctor was ace.
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I'd say that 'anonymous' had a bit of chip of her shoulder! I didn't find your reply to be anywhere near "jumping down her throat" at all.

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Yes, I thought that her reply showed exactly what she was coming for, namely stirring up trouble. And of course, I am way above raising to this kind of thing. I've been around too long, playing with the craziest in the LotR fandom, some little random chick who's jealous to see that others can get what she can't or doesn't allow herself is not going to phase me. ;)